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    Ningbo Qianhong Flag Factorysince 2002 its establishment, The profession produce various flag, etc. series printing type product.Especially 2008 usher in forerunner equipments, its product have whole true colourful gradually change countenance, attain noodles to anticipate a double deeply effect, then formation the color bright picture, the picture never take off a color, product far sell domestic and international.And the speed be quick, the price be low and be subjected to the large customer's favor.The company take orders customer highest, prestige is origin of principle of management, sincerity expectation with your cooperation.Welcome the domestic and international each Qi business unit consultation order.
    Our products are: All countries national flag, company ensign, knife ensign, outside Mao flag, color flag, aweather ensign, advertisement, burgee, sandy beach ensign, hang ensign, car ensign, area ensign, the advertisement ensign, guide's ensign, hand flag-waver, table ensign, brocade ensign and so on.
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